View Full Version : How to create an image of SimCity4 disc 2

30.12.2010, 20:21
DT Pro Advanced 4.40

When I try to make a disc image from SimCity4 Deluxe disc 2, DT keeps saying "Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block" and doesn't proceed from there (stays at 0% indefinitely)...

what am I doing incorrectly...?

I am the owner of the original SimCity discs, I want to be able to play SimCity4 without needing the disc in the CD/DVD drive.

30.12.2010, 20:50
Game is using SafeDisc, therefore those errors are normal.
Ensure you did select SafeDisc profile and then wait until it finishes.

30.12.2010, 23:07
I did select SafeDisc...

So then it just takes a long while...

Ok, thanks.