View Full Version : "Error in Command Line" Computer barely functional, help!

04.01.2011, 03:25
I was mounting something and it went to my winrar. I pressed open the .exe with daemon tools lite and the next thing I knew all of my icons have the daemon logo on it and everything I try to open gives me the line:

"Error in Command Line"

It's become an issue because I cant even open daemon without it giving me that line and it just seems as if 90% of the things on my computer are locked out by that line.

Please give me advice on how to fix this, I'm really worried about it and don't want to have to pay a lot of money to take it to a shop.


04.01.2011, 06:31
In case you are trying to mount images via file's right click menu -> "Open with...", you will get "Error in command line" message. DAEMON Tools Lite does not have Shell Extensions functionality (right click menu actions). Such functionality is available only in DAEMON Tools Pro. Please, enable file associations in DTLite Preferences to mount images by double-click on an image file in Windows Explorer.
Or just mount from DTLite, not from Windows Explorer.

05.01.2011, 00:33
I'm not really sure what you mean... I can't open Dt or anything else on my computer to make these preference changes due to the "command in error line."

I'm not really worried about mounting at all at this point, I just want the DT logo gone from all my icons/applications and be able to open them without "error in command line"

I apologize if I'm misunderstanding you, I just don't know very much about DT lite beyond the simple basics and am getting frustrated that my computer is inoperable.

05.01.2011, 01:01
Run reg file in attached zip file and it should work again.

05.01.2011, 21:36
How would I go about doing that. Again, I'm sorry I'm not very comptuer literate in many ways.

06.01.2011, 01:41
You click on my attached file -> Open -> Double click on exefile.reg -> Yes

06.01.2011, 01:43
I did that and everything is still the same as previously mentioned in my first post.

Do you have any other suggestions? I'm afraid I may have to take it into the shop, but DT seems to be the underlying problem.

06.01.2011, 02:25
Please press on Start -> Run -> Regedit and then navigate to:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\open\command and then please post the content.
Reg file set it back to default value and therefore exe files must be executable again.

06.01.2011, 22:03
It will let me go to run but when I type in Regedit, I get the "error in command line"

07.01.2011, 09:50
Open up Explorer -> C: -> Windows -> regedit.exe

07.01.2011, 21:46
I'm still getting the "Command In Error Line" in any type of way I try to open it.

20.01.2011, 19:21
I have the exact same problem Lofono has. And you can't run any .exe files at all. Don't matter how you do it. I even tryed through the task manager and command prompt. I can't even use the internet on that lap top cause the web browser uses .exe too. I am using my smaller lap top now to try and fix the problem. So running the regedit.exe won't work. I don't know what else to do. any other ideias?

21.01.2011, 00:08
Can you open command prompt in Task Manager by pressing and holding the CTRL button and click New Task (Run…) ?
If not, does Command Prompt open up in Windows 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt'.

If yes, please type in:

assoc .exe=exefile (hit Enter)
ftype exefile="%1" %* (hit Enter)
I'm afraid I may have to take it into the shop, but DT seems to be the underlying problem.No offense, but it was an accidental handling error of yours, and nothing caused by the app itself ;)

22.10.2011, 21:36
How do you mean post the content? Where to and how??? I'm having exactly the same problem and I need urgent help! Help me oort, please!