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04.05.2004, 09:28

New to the forums and site - Hi all!

Just wanted to know, is there a way to specify Windoze environment variables in DaemonScript? ie, you can use "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Path\Filename.ext" or "%PROGRAMFILES%\Path\Filename.ext" when the system drive's letter is unknown... These types of variables can be used in batch files or shortcut properties with no trouble, but DS returns "Out of memory", which usually occurs when the target Execute file cannot be found... (oh yeah, this might be an older ver of DS.. 1.5.1... iuno *shrug* :)

I've tried %%SYSTEMDRIVE%% and \%SYSTEMDRIVE\%, not sure of what else to try - please help :|

I know I can point DS to a shortcut, and give the shortcut the variable, but that makes an extra step for every one of the icons, which hampers rather than improves easy maintenance

This is in an Internet/Gaming Cafe using a client to serve icons from a folder on the server, and most of the icons there point to daemonscript files which mount the correct images then launch the game... but some of the computers have different drive letters for the system drive...

gtg now! ty for any advice! :)

- DaRcAntiX

04.05.2004, 14:41
You should be able to use %SYSTEMROOT% like you suggested. I'll check out my this doesn't work and get back to you.

04.04.2006, 03:13
Hi there,
I tried several ways to elude the drive letter (%systemroot%, _CURRENTDIR_, %HOMEDIR_) and none worked.
Did you find a way?

04.04.2006, 05:20
scatar are you trying to use the RunApp command? If not what command are you sending the environment variable to?

Using environment variables works on my system. If so, please paste all three fields: Executable, Parameters, Startup Directory.

Also provide some system specs, What OS and Service Pack, 32-bit or 64-bit windows, what version of DAEMON Tools, what version of DaemonScript, etc.

04.04.2006, 14:17
Thanks for your prompt reply.
What I need to do is to mount an image which is on a CD using a script on the same CD.
I am not able to specify the location of the image: if I create a script with d: it will work only in those computers where D is the CD drive, but I'd like to keep the script general, so that it can work even when the CD is inserted in a CD drive that is designed as E: or F: and so on.
The current directory is the root of the CD, where the image is: so I just need to specify that the image resides on the current directory but with %systemroot%, %homedir% and so on does not work.
I use Daemons Tools 4.03 HE, Daemons Script 1.6.0, WinXP SP2, Pentium 4 2GHz, 1 GB Ram
Thank you very much for your time.