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10.01.2011, 05:10
Just installed DT-Lite 4.40.1 (with SPTD 1.76) onto Windows 7 64-bit (new HP Pavilion HPE-490t). I copied a DVD onto my HD using DT-Lite and tried to watch it. It does not play at all in HP MediaSmart DVD Player (hitting the play button does nothing).

It does play in Windows Media Player 12.0, but with extremely choppy video (mostly just digital squares) and audio.

The real DVD itself plays just fine in both HP MediaSmart DVD and Windows Media Player.

I have tried DT-Lite with and without SPTD active.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

10.01.2011, 08:57
I copied a DVD onto my HD using DT-Lite
How did you make a DVD copy?

10.01.2011, 20:28
"How did you make a DVD copy?"

I used DT-Lite to make the DVD copy. Specifically, I used a button with the label (when you hover the mouse over it) "Make Disc Image" on the DT-Lite toolbar (in the middle of the DT-Lite) window.

That opened a "Disc Imaging" dialog box. I think I used 4x reading speed and checked ONLY the "Delete image on failure" and "Add to Image Catalog" check boxes.

-- Nick

11.01.2011, 21:00
Is this a protected movie?

11.01.2011, 21:11
It's "The Tooth Fairy" DVD. How can I tell if it is protected?

11.01.2011, 23:31
If it is the following movie, it is CSS protected and DT can't backup CSS protected disks.


12.01.2011, 00:19
Thanks. I guess I'll have to use different software to copy my protected DVDs to my hard drive--and just use DT-Lite to play them.