View Full Version : Stop Deamon Tools At Startup

10.01.2011, 22:10
hello i have read many forums but cant find the anwser and have tried many ways ill give you all the details right now.

Every time i log in or start up my computer deamon tools lite starts up in the task bar thing in windows 7 and i dont want it to and cant find a option to stop it besides uninstalling it but i dont wanna uninstall it.

Im running windows 7 and i have deamon tools lite the newest version from the offical site.

hopefully someone can help me and give me an anwser maybe there is no option to turn it off in windows 7 i hope someone can help me thanks to anyone that helps me ahead of time.

10.01.2011, 22:45
In DT settings there is an option called Autostart.

11.01.2011, 05:21
Uncheck 'Use tray agent' option in Preferences if you use DTLite 4.40.1.