View Full Version : Problems with CloneDVD ?

04.05.2004, 13:35
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: Nero / CloneDVD
Anti-virus Software: NAV
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46


I've had problems using alcohol and CloneDVD at ther same time ...
When I installed both of them on my system, my computer would hang during a DVD-brning session ...
I mailed to CloneDVD asking why this happens, they say that tools like alcohol etc. lock the drives or something, because they have mounting capabilities ... My question, will this happen with Daemon-tools too ?
Strange thing is that Nero does work when installed with Alcohol...


10.05.2004, 11:04
thx for answering ...

10.05.2004, 12:15
No problems;-)
Anyway, Alcohol and Daemon do NOT lock the drives though, unless Alcohol performs writing itself.

11.05.2004, 23:27
thx venom, but my question then is:
why didn't clonedvd work while alcohol was installed ?
Once I deinstalled alcohol it worked like a charm ...
strange ...

12.05.2004, 08:45
May be CloneDVD doesn't like Alcohol's HideATIP function - did you disable it?