View Full Version : Start tray icon only?

13.01.2011, 19:24
Is it not possible anymore to manually start only the tray icon?

13.01.2011, 19:29
It is possible, what's your product's version?

13.01.2011, 19:33
I have DT Lite Free 4.40.1. Just installed it.

13.01.2011, 19:44
Only possible in Pro/Net, thought you would have Pro (called Agent)

13.01.2011, 19:59
So if I buy the Pro version, it will work as I intend it?

13.01.2011, 20:34
Yes, you can try Pro for 20 days.

13.01.2011, 21:15
A question about buying:

1 free year of upgrades - can I still use an old version with my license when the free upgrades are done?

13.01.2011, 22:21
Yes, you can.

19.01.2011, 20:32
One more question: Pro is a bit expensive for my usage. Will the paid Lite version have the same tray agent as the pro?

14.02.2011, 19:16
It was possible to start in tray only in the previous version of Daemon Tools Lite. Innocent uses thinking their upgrading the software, and BOOM - a feature gone missing, you have to pay to get it.

I feel cheated.

14.02.2011, 19:33
OK - I just found that there actually IS a way to start in Tray only in Daemon Tools Lite - you don't need to buy Pro.

Just edit the shortcut to Daemon Tools, and add this switch: -autorun
Now it won't show that annoying window and just open in the tray (if you have tray enabled) :-)