View Full Version : Cant get Rid of a virtual Drive

16.01.2011, 21:24
Hi guys

Many moons ago I used to have Daemon Tools, and used it to run a virtual drive.
I then went on to uninstall DT for one reason or another.
Ever since, I have been stuck with this old virtual drive.
Ive recently found I needed to reclaim this approxx 600mb of lost virtual space.
I have installed the lastet version of DT.
I can create and use DT like I used to, but this older Vdrive seems stubborn and is refusing to be seen by DT, or allow me to remove it.
I have been into device manager and Uninstalled it, removed it, ejected it via Compmngt, and all sorts.
Ive searched all I can but had no joy, as every time I reboot, it coms back.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

17.01.2011, 18:12
Anybody please ?

18.01.2011, 08:02
Specify your OS and DT version you used before.

21.01.2011, 21:38
I'm having the exact same problem. Downloaded DT Pro Advanced Trial today, so it should be latest version. Running Windows 7 x64.

Version before could be anything. I often updated it.

22.01.2011, 09:58
Could you post a screenshotof your problem?
Do you get any error message(s)?