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21.01.2011, 12:15
Hi All,

I have been using Daemon Lite for a while now and could switch between ISO images with no issues. Now, when I now mount an initial image and try to connect to it it works fine but when I try to mount a second image I get the message:-

'The wrong Diskette is in the drive. Insert correct diskette into drive \\pcname\share

I can connect locally to each of the ISO images.

I have removed the Virtual Device and added another one mounting a different ISO and I still get the same issue when I try to mount a second one.

I am using Vista x86 and DAEMON Tools Lite version



21.01.2011, 12:20
It is not DAEMON Tools error message. Perhaps your image file is damaged.

21.01.2011, 14:05
Hi Sway,

Thanks for your quick response.

However it happens with all other image files but they all work when I connect to the image locally. It is just when I connect to the Virtual drive as a share.

Having said this I have tried to connect from an XP PC and it works but not from any Windows 7 PC so I guess this is the problem.

Is anyone aware of any recent WINDOWS 7 updates that may cause this issue?

21.01.2011, 15:30
Sure, it is OS settings related issue.
DT is just a CD/DVD drive emulator. It does not share any resources.
I.e. in case you try to access your disc like \\mypc\mydisc, it means you use Windows File Sharing, so DT is not related to described problem.

21.01.2011, 16:02
Thanks Yorik.

However I guess if it has happened to me it is going to happen to a lot of people using Windows 7 (it used to work) so probably worth mentioning!