View Full Version : Foun hardware wizard keeps asking for system driver after uninstall of daemon tools 4

22.01.2011, 03:46
Hi i need some advice please, I recently uninstalled Daemon tools lite and now when I restart (in Windows XP Professional) the found hardware wizard appears and prompts me to install a driver called system. Ive tried allowing windows to search online for this driver but it can't find it. I also set it to install it automatically and it can't find it. So now I just cancel the wizard but it pops up two more times, and so to use my pc I have to cancel this wizard three times every time I turn on my pc. Please help me as this will eventually drive me bonkers!!

Ive run an antivirus scan with the latest Norton 360 and it can't find anything. Ive tried a system restore but it reports that it can't restore back to an earlier time, I know about system32 drivers but whats system? I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me, thanks in advance Kit.

22.01.2011, 10:00
Please post a screenshot.