View Full Version : Getting DVDs To Play In Windows Media Player When Mounted

22.01.2011, 18:58
I'm using Windows XP and when I mount a DVD ISO it pops up a folder showing me what's on the DVD. What I'd like to get it to do is play the DVD in Windows Media Player. When using Windows 7 it does this automatically, which I suspect is because of the native DVD support and the expanded AutoPlay options- but I need that functionallity in Windows XP. I've tried every mounting program I can find but the result is the same everytime.

I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that Windows sees the mounted drives as CD Drives and not DVD Drives. With DVD Drives there's an AutoPlay option to Play DVD Movies when inserted. There is no such option with the CD Drives Daemon Tools creates. . .

Any help on this matter would be appreciated!

- Ryan Paul Fialcowitz