View Full Version : "Please insert the orginial disc instead of the backup"

28.01.2011, 20:09
Hello, I recently got a new laptop, windows 7 64bit. I have a good number of games, and don't want to carry them around, so I installed daemon tools lite. I created an image for the game Prototype and mounted it on virtual drive and all that, and when I try to play it without the disc, I can only get to the launching menu. When I press play, it acts like it's reading a disk, and then I get a message box that says "please insert the original disc instead of the backup". This is pretty annoying, seeing as I don't want to carry games and cases everywhere I go.. Help, please? :frown::mad:

28.01.2011, 20:19
That means your image is lacking data. Recreate it with New SecuROM profile (try different DPM speeds) in DAEMON Tools Pro.