View Full Version : All programs say burn susseccful! Disc still blank! And read problems!

30.01.2011, 00:38
After using Nero to burn virtual images and Daemon to mount for a music library my real physical drive cannot properly read or write disc. It can play real music disc and says it burns successfully but when rechecked disc remain blank. I know this has something to do with Daemon as I have seen this before but never on Win7.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled all burning software, checked drive settings, reinstalled drive, and checked for upper and lower filters(there was none). Have unchecked all options in Daemon and tried Microsofts Fixit tool to no avail. Would love to get my DVD working instead of reinstalling Win7 wich is my next option as I KNOW this is something fixable! Thanks in advance!:confused:

30.01.2011, 09:13
Probably your drive is dead.