View Full Version : DPM speed is too limited

31.01.2011, 23:27
This issue might or might not be related to http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/selectable-read-speed-differs-time-time-27747/.

Daemon Tools allow me to read DPM from a SecuROM disc at 4x lowest speed. 4x is barely enough to make a high quality DPM measurement though it seems to be enough for most games (but not all).
Alcohol 120% on the other hand allows me to select 1x DPM speed (for both my drives), and it is obvious when comparing the resulting DPM graph that the one produced by Alcohol is much more accurate and has less jitter than the one produced by DT.

I am not sure whether to consider this as a bug or not. Since Alcohol 120% is able to produce better DPM readings than DT, DT is obviously lacking in this area - maybe its a feature request rather than a bug?

01.02.2011, 07:22
If drive reports 4x as lowest, DT can only select 4x.