View Full Version : Daemon tools for other platforms?

07.05.2004, 05:50
I love daemon tools, but would like to know if it's available (or can be made available) for other OS's. In particular, mac OS X. My laptop is a powerbook and I would like to be able to mount more than just iso images.
Thank you

07.05.2004, 06:24
No, this would entail a complete rewrite of all code, and it is simply not worth the effort.

15.05.2009, 01:31
Since rewriting from the base code to work is another platform is out of the question, are there any Daemon-like applications that would work on the Xbox360, PS3, or Wii?

Daemon is great for watching my iso file movies from my NAS (so much nicer than hunting for the correct disk on the shelves) on my laptop. However, hooking the laptop to the projector and sound system is a bother. My game systems are all connected and the XBox 360 and PS3 can see the NAS, but they can't read iso. I could make a copy of all my movies again in the formats the game systems can read, but I loose all the extras and it takes time I would rather spend doing other things. An iso mounting program like Daemon for a modern game platform would fit my needs perfectly.

15.05.2009, 17:04
Why not just rip the VOB files from the images?

16.05.2009, 00:17
Hm, when the ps3 can see the nas.... I guess it can also see the laptop?
So why not mounting the movies on the laptop, give permission to the virtual drive and let the ps3 play the files from there...
Sure, not the nicest method, but should work imho (note: I do not own a ps3, don´t know if this will really work)


20.05.2009, 01:21
there was a post about it being built for linux..but the link is dead :[ any one know why it ended?