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04.02.2011, 19:41
Hello every one.

I a a user for months of Daemon tools. It helps my chldren to not use CD and not to break my CD reader. So it's cool !!

Since last version ( and SPTD 1.76) on Windows 7 64 bits, I have problems to mount images with the command line in a .bat file launche from a desktop shortcut.

This worked perfectly before the current version :
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\dtlite.exe" -mount 0,"image.nrg"

Now, I have to write like this :
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\dtlite.exe" -mount 0,"d:\jeux\toboclic 01\image.nrg"

In both cases, this is launched with d:\jeux\toboclic 01\ as home directory.

With the first .bat version and the current Daemon tools version, I have no error but the image is not mounted.

So the correction is obvious but I have dozens of .bat files to change.

Is it a bug ?
Is there any other parameter ?

Thanks a lot.


04.02.2011, 19:47
DT is using its own home directory atm (don't know if it was intended so far or bug). But it is definitely a bug you get no error at all.
EDIT: Somehow the agent didn't catch the caller's dir which means it is a bug.
EDIT2: Opened reports.

04.02.2011, 21:35
Thanks a lot for this so quick answer :D:D.

I've another question about something not a problem.

I assume DTLite is x86 based and compatible with X64 OS.
SPTD exists in both x86 and x64 version.
I think it's better to use X64 version one on Win 7 x64.

I am right ?


04.02.2011, 21:41
Yes, DT is x86 and drivers are x64. SPTD is a driver and therefore x64 one is needed.

05.02.2011, 21:05
So, I will wait for the next version and correct my batch files when my children will be angry with bad lauches.

Hope no many files to change.

Thanks a lot


23.02.2011, 04:53
Does this problem also affects DT Pro Advanced Edition 4.40.0312.0214 with SPTD 1.76 installed under Win7 x64? I'm having the same issue.