View Full Version : Updating virtual devices goes on and on

06.02.2011, 21:41
When i install DT and run it, "Updating virtual devices" goes like forever? I doubt that is normal.

Plus when i interrupt updating, and reset my pc my cpu usage goes 50% or more, never 49 or 48%. Even when i turn off DT the cpu usage still goes minimum 50%. Only when i uninstall DT and restart my pc then cpu usage goes back to normal.

And then there is no letter assigned to virtual drives, neither is any virtual drives in "My computer".
I checked this thread: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f26/no-drive-letter-s-assigned-virtual-drive-s-virtual-drive-s-disappear-3701/
and tried to update drivers, but even the driver update goes forever...

I would really appreciate your help here, I'm pretty much desperate :/
Thank you

edit: I'm using XP service pack 2

07.02.2011, 06:08
First of all, update your DAEMON Tools Lite to the latest version - 4.40.2.

07.02.2011, 10:05
Updated it, didn't helped.

07.02.2011, 10:16
Please specify your security software.

07.02.2011, 18:08
Avast (version 110207-0 if that matters)

25.03.2011, 22:44
I have the same problem with the latest version of DT and avast antivirus software. What is the problem?

26.03.2011, 07:27
Temporary disable Avast and check the problem.

30.06.2016, 13:12
Temporary disable Avast and check the problem.

I have Avira antivirus. I did try disabling it, but it didn't help. Any other ideas? I'm using Windows 10 64 bit and Daemon Tools Pro

01.07.2016, 19:04
If it's not too much hassle try with Avira completely uninstalled or at least disable all Avira Services with the System Configuration Tool: MSConfig the System Configuration Tool. - Microsoft Community (http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-update/msconfig-the-system-configuration-tool/273dea8e-4cbe-47e9-8489-f400e879ce17)
IF that doesn't help maybe temporarily disable all third-party services.