View Full Version : Image mounting - Unable to assign drive letter (XP)

06.02.2011, 23:05
I am using Windows XP, Daemon tools v3.47.

I'm trying to mount an iso, but it does not appear on explorer, when the iso is mounted. I tried to assign a drive letter, but as soon as I hit "Okay", it's as if I didn't do anything. Daemon Tools thinks that the drive has no letter, and it can't be seen on explorer.

I looked around, I have all the needed drivers, I moved/removed the inf.1 file in WINDOWS/inf, as told to in a similar thread, to no avail.
I have also tried using MagicDisc and got the same situation.

Am I alone in the dark or is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advanc!

06.02.2011, 23:16
Did you try to assign a drive letter through DT or Windows?
BTW that version of DT is very very outdated.