View Full Version : Uninstall wont complete

16.02.2011, 01:02
I'm trying to uninstall DT Lite and everything that came with it.

But the installation hangs at this part:

When looking in the DT Lite Install folder , there is not DTGAdget32.dll/DTGadget54.dll files inside.

Please help.

16.02.2011, 14:40
Do you have DT gadget on desktop? If yes, try to close it and then uninstall DT.

20.04.2011, 11:30
Same problem here. I never had the desktop gadget in the first place. DTGadget32.dll has never existed on my PC. But the damn uninstaller insists on trying to unregister it. Reinstalling doesn't work either, because it wants to uninstall first.

20.04.2011, 11:46
Solved the problem by copying some other random COM .DLL file to the folder, renaming it to dtgadget32.dll, registering it and then running DT uninstall so that it's fooled into thinking the file is there.