View Full Version : Magix Music Maker 2004 CD Protection

07.05.2004, 18:00
what protection does the MAgix Music Maker 2004 have?
i cant scan the cd with ClonyXXL
someone knows what protection this cd has?

The Duke
10.05.2004, 16:43
Hm, I know, what another MAGIC App ("Filme auf CD & DVD 3.5") is using:

Bad Sectors.

You can do an Image with CCD or Alc120. Blindwrite may also works....


14.05.2004, 18:27
What setting do i have to use?

14.05.2004, 21:42
What setting do i have to use if i use Alcohol 120%

The Duke
15.05.2004, 21:39
.....use the "General Protected CD"

- Read Subs
- Ignore Read Errors
- Quick "Error-Jump" (100)

You can also edit this Options in CloneCD.
When I do an Image of this "Filme auf CD".....I get the "Read Errors" about 95%.
At this point it may take some time.