View Full Version : Is DT the right tool to for a virtual recordable CD drive?

22.02.2011, 17:10
Preface: I'm in way over my head so I'll need some patience. :)

I have drm protected wma files that I acquired legitimately -- eBooks downloaded from the local library. I want to listen to them (just for myself, not to share) on an iPod but the software for downloading them (OverDrive), doesn't seem to like my iPod. OverDrive will burn the wma files to physical CDs but what a waste, so I thought maybe a good solution is to try to burn them to a virtual CD.

Is Daemon Tools a possible solution? I downloaded a DT Pro trial and have a virtual device mounted. I'm not sure if it's possible for me to use that virtual device as a destination recordable CD drive for the other program (OverDrive).

When I view "drive features" in "device info" for my mounted device, it looks like no write features are supported. I see the same thing as in the DT documentation (device info (http://daemonpro-help.com/sites/daemonpro-help.com/files/Virt_work_en_3a.png)). Is this because my drive says it is empty? Is there a way to enable writing to a virtual CD file?

Thanks for being nice to someone clueless!

22.02.2011, 17:11
DT doesn't have a virtual recorder yet.

22.02.2011, 18:14
A reasonable app for that purpose is Phantom Drive (http://www.phantom-drive.com/en/default.htm).