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22.02.2011, 18:14
OS= Vista
Running Daemon tools pro trial version

Hello, after searching the forums I have been unable to find a solution to a problem I have been dealing with(it might warrant a sticky as there are apparently many people who had similar problems). I have successfully created a new virtual drive and it appears that everything was working fine up until this point. In order to run a game that I am trying to play it requires that I replace some files in the drive and add some others. The problem that I have is that it says that there is no memory available (even though I have over 100 gigs free on my C drive). I cannot find anything on the internet that explains how to allocate memory for virtual drives or any way to deal with this.
-Thank you for helping me out
P.S. I am only somewhat computer competent so dumbed down answers would be appreciated.

22.02.2011, 19:57
Of which game you are talking?
Drive is read-only.

22.02.2011, 23:16
Drive is read-only.

I guess, he wants to say that the game tries to install some files in system partition.

23.02.2011, 09:56
Please post a screenshot with error message on it.