View Full Version : UDF BR with many files is corrupted

27.02.2011, 10:41
I have created an iso image using BD-R UDF 2.5.
The iso contains many files and directories (500K directories and 1 million files).
I mounted the iso files using daemon tools pro successfully but when I try to access the volume I get a windows error that the file may be corruped.
I am using windows 7.

Are there any limitation on the directories or files number when mounting a UDF image?

27.02.2011, 10:47
Is a simple Blu-ray image working (e. g. a movie)?

28.02.2011, 17:01
also a BD-R image with less files and directories.
For example, when I created a UDF 2.5 image with 400K dirs and 400K files it worked fine.
Any idea?