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02.03.2011, 04:06
Hey folks I'm new to the forums, I'll try to keep this basic on what i'm doing as to not bore the readers.

I have 3 PC's, one has Windows 7, one has Vista, one has XP. Each machine has all of the current Windows updates, 4-16gb ram, 2.9+ghz dual core to 6 core machines, 10/100 wired network and wireless N. The Windows 7 machine has a few ISO DVD's that I have purchased and put on my computer.

When I mount ISO images on the local machine (the Windows 7 Machine), playing the ISO's are flawless. When i mount the images that are stored on Windows 7 from the XP or Vista machines, the videos play very choppy.

I've monitored the network utilization on all 3 machines. The highest utilization is 10%. When the DVD's "stutter" the actual network usage actual drops off hard, so the network I don't believe is the issue.

Any help would be most appreciated. I've used the Net version, and the basic free version, but both were unsuccessful.

03.03.2011, 22:03
When i mount the images that are stored on Windows 7 from the XP or Vista machines, the videos play very choppy.At this point all three PCs use the wired connection ?

24.04.2011, 05:12
Can anyone answer his question? Has Ubergoober fixed his problem? I have the same issue. I have a gigabit network, however I have to run through Moca (100mbit) from the spare room my server is in to our family room. Mouting an iso on that's on the server often leads to stuttering, especially if it's a blu ray. Eventually I plan on running a cat 6 cable, but since the room the server is in is on the second floor and the family room's media pc is on the first.......... BTW, the server runs WHS and the family room pc runs windows 7 home premium. As of now I just copy any movie I want to watch from the server to the media pc's hard drive. Not a massive pita but still.

24.04.2011, 13:42
Has Ubergoober fixed his problem?Yes, but hasn't reported back here.
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