View Full Version : Serial key not bound to an account?

08.03.2011, 21:22

last year, there was a day or two when free daemon tool pro standard licenses were given out, and I had gotten one, but I don't recall having it being bond to an account. I just reinstalled my OS, and I wanted to put back daemon tools pro, but whenever I want to, it tells me I need to deactivate another computer, so I went to do that, but I have no account bound to my key, so it won't let me.

This is a screenshot of what my system key on my old system:

I have my key and everything, except I can't re-install it, or access it, because its not bound to any account. So i was wondering if it was possible to bind that key to my current account? Because now I have a daemon tools pro standard license key... but I can't use it, and I really would like to.

Thank you very much.

08.03.2011, 22:05
Not possible for that giveaway key.

08.03.2011, 23:21
So you're telling I'm not allowed to use my copy of Daemon Tools Pro Standard anymore. How freakin' nice.

09.03.2011, 08:32
If you downloaded DAEMON Tools Pro Standard from giveawayoftheday.com, you are not able to re-activate DAEMON Tools with that shared key. That was a one day's action.

09.03.2011, 13:17
I'm sorry but this is the only company I know that tells customers to go **** themselves because they want to use products they received. I was considering buying an extended license, but you convinced be otherwise.

You just lost a sale.

09.03.2011, 13:44
From http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/faq/:

Is GOTD a trial?

Every program we give away is not a trial. We provide you with full-functioning registered version of software titles.

There are two points you need to remember:

you have to install AND activate/register the product according to instructions given in the readme.txt file attached to every GOTD package.
it should be done while the giveaway offer for the software is still on (within 24 hours).
Still we do not provide you with the lifetime license in terms of the fact that our package can be used to install the program on giveaway date only. It means that you will not be able to re-install the program after PC crash or install the program on another PC after the giveaway day is over.

You were warned about that BEFORE you installed our software. If you installed Giveaway's build of DAEMON Tools Pro Standard, it means that you agreed with Terms and Conditions of use of our software.

So your claims are not reasonable.