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16.03.2011, 22:02
Hello! I've been a long time D-Tools user on my old XP desktop. Now I bought a new VAIO laptop with Windows 7 and installed the latest Daemon Tools Lite. I have some questions:

1. How do I set Daemon Tools so that the program doesn't start with Windows (but only on my demand)? That was possible in the older version but now I even deleted the file from the startup in CCleaner but Daemon Tools still start up with Windows. Any idea?

2. What exactly is SPTD and do I have to install it? It's not checked in the default installation setup. So?

3. I don't want to install any adware with Daemon Tools. What exactly do I have to uncheck when installing?

4. I would like tu use Daemon Tools to emulate an ISO copy of my new Wolfenstein PC game (I like to keep the original DVD in the box). This game is protected by SecuROM, so how can I do this? It's not working so far. A little sub-question: is SecuROM dangerous for my laptop, can it really damage my hardware (so I've read)?

Thank you for your help in advance! :)

17.03.2011, 08:43
1. Uncheck "Use tray agent" option in Preferences.

2. SPTD is a device driver developed by Duplex Secure Ltd. It provides a method of access to storage devices. SPTD can be used for advanced emulation.

3. You can uncheck the following components: DAEMON Tools toolbar, DAEMON Tools home page, DAEMON Tools search.

4. First of all, you need to create an image using SecuROM profile. Unfortunately, DAEMON Tools Lite doesn't support profiles for imaging. You need DAEMON Tools Pro to do that. Note that ISO image format doesn't contain any auxiliary information about disc structure, so it is impossible to provide exact emulation of protected discs with ISO images. It is much better to use MDX or MDS/MDF image format in this case.
P.S. I don't think that SecuROM is dangerous for your laptop :) Many users get problems with their PC because of their own arms ;)

20.03.2011, 12:54
1. Yes, that works. But is there a way that tray agent would be active when I start Daemon Tools and would quit/deactivate when I quit the program? That's how it was in v3 and I liked it. But that's no big deal.

2. So I should install SPTD when installing Daemon Tools? It can't do me no wrong I guess?

3. OK, I will uncheck the things you wrote, thank you.

4. Can Daemon Tools Lite properly emulate a MDX or MDS/MDF image with SecuROM protection? Do I have to enable the advanced settings in Daemon Tools preferences for that and is it safe?

Thank you! :)

22.03.2011, 12:10
Anyone, please?

22.03.2011, 12:35
1. No, it is not possible in the latest version.

2. You can install SPTD during DAEMON Tools installation. In other case you will be prompted to install SPTD after enabling Advanced Emulation option. SPTD is absolutely safe for your PC.

3. :)

4. If you create an image via DTPro using SecuROM profile, it is quite possible that this image will be emulated by DTLite properly. But you need to enable Advanced Emulation for that. As I already noted, SPTD is safe for your PC.