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31.03.2011, 18:38
Recently, I installed Daemon Tools Lite. During installation, Windows popped up a "New Hardware Found" prompt for a SCSIAdapter, which it was then unable to find driver files for.

Once Daemon Tools was installed, I went about trying to mount some virtual drives using several different CUE files. Daemon Tools seemed okay with it, and the virtual drive mounted with no problem each time. However, no matter what I mounted, the drive always showed up as an Audio CD containing a single track that was only 1KB in size.

I uninstalled Daemon Tools, but Windows continued to give me the "New Hardware Found" prompt for the SCSIAdapter every time I rebooted. Eventually, I disabled the SCSIAdapter in Device Manager to stop this from happening, which isn't a problem for me at the moment, since I don't actually have any SCSI devices on my PC. I believe that somehow Daemon Tools blew away the SCSI drivers for my motherboard when I installed it, and that this is the cause of that problem. I'm not sure if it's related to why mounting doesn't seem to work.

Anybody else run into similar problems?

31.03.2011, 18:48
Please post content of cue file.

31.03.2011, 20:00
Please also specify your OS and the DT lite version you've installed.

To remove the remains of the DAEMON Tools installation please
try the SPTD standalone installer: DuplexSecure - Downloads (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads/)

Execute, then choose 'Uninstall'.