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Agent Mike
12.05.2004, 07:59
well, i tried looking the forum and the site for answer for this question but wasn't able to do so.

what is the diffrence between DAEMON tools, and other virtual cds programs, like "Virtual CD" or the virtual drives Nero provides or what Alcohol comes with.

12.05.2004, 10:01
Quite simple. DaemonTools is the better one.

But seriously, DT includes emulation for various copy protection schemes that others do not.

Agent Mike
12.05.2004, 16:40
well, im sure it's better because many people recommend it :D

but about the emulation thing? does it mean that when i try to backup a game i got, and then play from the image file it won't tell me things like "please insert the cd".

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12.05.2004, 16:42
You don't need emulation to play from image (if the image is created in appropriate format).

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