View Full Version : Drive left over even though all drives disabled!

12.05.2004, 08:22
Operating System: Windows XP HOME
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%, Nero 6, Magic ISO, FireBurner
Anti-virus Software: Zone Alarm Pro
DAEMON Tools Version: V 3.46

kk this is the prob from the beginning:

it all started with Raven Shield (LEGAL COPY, 2cds + NO SCRATCHES :D ). i tried to make an .iso file of CD2 (the play disk) from Alcohol 120%

all was running fine :D except it was going way too slow for me :lol: so i had a look at the database and found out it was protected with SafeDisc, and reading earlier that Daemon Tools could speed this up and make it work better i followed the instruction for making it and used the SafeDisc emulation.

it didnt work, simply (prob got something to do with the fact Raven Shield is 2 CDS) and it was still going at the same speed even though i followed the instructions exactly! so i enabled all of the emulations and tried again (even reinstalling the game! :P)

ok but that didnt work either, so i disabled all the options and just did it normally and hey, it worked, so i played sum raven shield thru the awesum daemon tools.

later on while browsing my files i saw that i had 2 virtual drives active and right-clicked on daemon tools in my task bar thingy and went to disable all drives. but when i went bac into my computer there was still one virtual drive active! im like wtf, so i closed daemon tools and rebooted and hey, its still there!!! ive tried putting 4 virtual drives on (for some wierd panicky reason) and i can now have 5 virtual drives :? so im still like wtf!!!

plz help, i really cant trust myself enough to go messing around with the registry, etc!!!


12.05.2004, 14:24
Alcohol 120% creates a virtual drive by default, check if this extra virtual drive is not from Alcohol.

13.05.2004, 12:53
yup, you was right man :D

man im such a noob :shock: to daemon (but not to many other things :twisted: )

thnx for the help beta dude 8)

and remember.... war is nothing but a population slasher for all involved, and such a thing so brutal can have no meaning or purpose unless to protect what is right :x