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06.04.2011, 16:45
hello, i got it explained to me how to set it all up and mount it so on but when i go to open the bd-rom drive to play i get this message

the disc might be corrupt. make sure the disc uses a format that windows recognizes. if the disc is unformat it you need to format it before you use it.

anyone know what i need to do to open it

06.04.2011, 16:46
What's your OS and what is the content of the image?

06.04.2011, 16:48
windows 7 and its a old game if thats what you mean by content

06.04.2011, 17:27
How did you create that image?

06.04.2011, 18:34
i think i just clicked at image and right clicked it and clicked mount then the bd- rom appeared

06.04.2011, 18:50
That is not creating, that's how you mounted it.

06.04.2011, 19:05
oh sorry i get you, i just downloaded it

06.04.2011, 19:19
What is the name of the game?

06.04.2011, 19:23
command and conquer red alert

06.04.2011, 23:48
As far as i can see most official downloads are/were RAR archieves:
Download Red Alert and Tiberian Sun (http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/showthread.php?67-Download-Red-Alert-and-Tiberian-Sun)
Have you possibly mounted the RAR instead of the unpacked ISO ?

P.S.: if your Win 7 version is 64-bit please also have a look at this (http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/showthread.php?253) thread after you've solved the mounting issue