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BEAN Harry
07.04.2011, 16:50

I use DT Light under Win7 SP1 with 4 virtual drives.

I've noticed one more drive in win explorer : DTSoftBusCd00

How can I put a CD/DVD image inside to use it ?

07.04.2011, 16:51
Like you would normally mount an image.

BEAN Harry
07.04.2011, 17:17
Thank you for answering.

But DT Light only knows the 4 virtual drives (the max with DT Light) and doesn't allow to mount any image in that fifth DTSoftBusCd00
and the contextual menu of this drive doesn't propose to mount any disk...

07.04.2011, 17:54
In DT Lite you only can have either drives with Advanced Emulation or with Simple Driver (DTSoftBus).

BEAN Harry
07.04.2011, 20:46
So, I do understand now... And if I don't use DTSoftBusCd00 virtual drive, can I cancel it ?

08.04.2011, 21:20
that is exactly what my device manager is showing, but my daemon tools doesnt have a drive loaded so i can mount it, its just an extra drive in my computer folder.

BEAN Harry
09.04.2011, 14:18
Thanks for all the answers.