View Full Version : General Blacklisting

12.05.2004, 14:51

There is a kind of "mouse and cat" game between copy protections and D-tools devteam : each time a new game comes out or gets patched, the copy protection is updated and d-tools is blacklisted. Some weeks later, an new version of D-Tools is available with many blacklists fixed, and so on.

How does blacklist work ? Is it a kind of CRC on the CD driver to detect emulators ? Or a "D-Tools fingerprint" hunt in memory ?
I guess you have already thinked about that, but there is no way to "polymorph" D-Tools with random bytes somewhere each time it is launched in order to avoid blacklisting ?

12.05.2004, 17:26
simple answer: no. There's no simple solution. We already got several
hints from different users, nevertheless, the weak points they told us
are currently not affected. What concerns future blacklistings, we think
we found a good solution, just be patient