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12.05.2004, 16:24
I recently purchased WE7 for PC and am unable to get this game to run on my home PC. When I place the disc in my drive, the autorun starts and I'm able to install the game but when I launch it, the hour glass appears on my desktop as if the game is loading but nothing happens. The hour glass goes away and I'm still looking at my desktop. In my task manager, the game is not in my apps list; but, it is listed in my process list.

One time when I attempted to run the game I got an error stating to go to www.securom.com/emulation and follow the instructions. I followed the instructions exactly and sent them a launch analysis. They sent me a new excutable, told me to rename the old one and use the new one. Did that and still the exact same problem when launching. After working with securom they told me that the securom authentication works with my drive and that the problem was not DVD/CD drive related.

Konami who supports the game is absolutely no help and they have no clue what the issue is. I attempted to install the game on my friend's pc and he couldn't even read the disc. The autorun wouldn't start. But, I installed and ran the game on my PC at my office and it worked without issue. My system specs are below. My friend's PC has a regular DVD rom drive. My work PC is a regular CD Rom Drive. Both are from Dell but securom told me it wasn't a drive problem. Clone Cd and Alcohol 120 did not work either.

Does anyone have any idea if the problem I have on my home PC could be from the securom protection or am I totally off track here? I haven't had any problems with any game except WE7 and my computer is only a year old. I plan on trying daemon tools tonight after work but wanted to see if anyone could give me an idea of the issue or some input. Sorry for the long post but wanted to describe the problem completely.

P4 3.0 GHZ
lite on 16x DVD rom
Plextor DVD-RW
Radeon 9800 pro
Audigy 2
Windows XP home


13.05.2004, 03:48
Just wanted to update...I attempted to make a 1:1 copy with blindwrite5 and clone cd and then run the game using daemontools. Still did not work.

If anyone can help it is much appreciated. I'm at a loss of what to do here.


04.03.2005, 14:10
Disable Clone CD!!!! This is by far the most likely cause of the www.securom.com/emulation pop up message. Disable Clone CD's 'Hide-CDR' function. (http://www.slysoft.com/en/faq-20-520.html)The last few posts in this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=4590) explain doing that.

The following suggestions deal with all virtual CD/DVD-ROM programs (including Clone CD): Disable RMPS emulation if it is enabled anywhere.
Unmount all image files in any virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives. Change the number of virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives to zero. Uncheck all options such as hide cd-r media/hide ATIP/Ignore Media Type (different names for the same thing) and options for bad sector, laserlock, and subchannel emulation. I think it should be obvious that uninstalling your latest burning software is a last resort when even SecuROM support cannot diagnose the issue (some games make you use Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Clone CD but this is very rare and I don't suggest doing an uninstall of anything).

Now, you will be allowed to launch your game with the real physical cd without being informed "Emulation Detected!"

04.03.2005, 14:15
If the pop up SecurROM warning does not always happen
One time when I attempted to run the game I got an error stating to go to www.securom.com/emulation and you don't always see that error message.

And also

couldn't even read the discthen it appears that you have a bad/unreadable disc and you should acquire a replacement disc.