View Full Version : Unable to mount image. File not accessible.

13.04.2011, 07:52
I downloaded a program, and in order to run it I need to mount a file to Daemon. However, whenever I go to try and mount it I just get an error message that reads "Unable to mount image. File not accessible." and nothing else. Now, I have no idea what that means, nor how to fix it, so I appeal to the forum to help.

Any and all assistance appreciated.

13.04.2011, 08:10
What is the type of image and what is the name of the program?

13.04.2011, 08:46
Well, refuge in anonymity, I suppose. Otherwise, I'd never be able to bring myself to post this. Hell, I'd better start before I get the better of me.

The image is an MDS file, and the program is... *ahem* Artificial girl 2MOVINGRIGHTALONG, I tried moving the file to a more accessable place, just in case location was causing the trouble, but to no avail. I can't even imagine what could cause this error, let alone what would fix it.

13.04.2011, 17:20
You do need mdf file too.

14.04.2011, 05:28
Well, I checked through the entire filepack, and there isn't a single .mdf in the bunch.

Would it be too much to ask how Daemon works with .mds and .mdf files, to see if I can figure out anything I can do? Technobabble is not a problem, feel free to apply it liberally.

14.04.2011, 14:41
No support here for illegitimate downloads of copyrighted payware.