View Full Version : SecuROM problem?

17.04.2011, 19:07
Hi! I have Windows 7 x64 SP1 and the latest Daemon Tools Lite. I made an image of my Wolfenstein DVD (I want to preserve the DVD) and installed the game using D.T. I got into the game but it soon crashed my PC. I have a Minidump file (in the attachment). Do I have to change my advanced settings or what? Please help.

17.04.2011, 20:12
Update all your NVIDIA drivers.

17.04.2011, 20:18
I have the latest ones installed already. Did you see this as a cause from the minidump file I attached? Because the game crashed my PC when I was changing the in-game graphic resolution. I tought that it was a SecuROM problem and that I have to enable SecuROM option in D.T. advanced settings. I have advanced emulation tick but no ticks in the four options below. By the way, was that crash dangerous, can any hardware get damaged this way? Thank you for help!

19.04.2011, 13:54
Anyone please?

19.04.2011, 19:27
Did you see this as a cause from the minidump file I attached?

Yes, it is crashing in a NVIDIA driver. Note NVIDIA is not always only Graphics, can be also chipset.

19.04.2011, 20:20
My debugger says dxgkrnl.sys (DirectX Graphics Kernel) :confused:

Is your DirectX up-to-date ?
Have you come across similar problems with other titles ?

if you want to make sure the issue isn't related to DAEMON Tools
uninstall DT & SPTD (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads/) and retry with your original disc.