View Full Version : certain issues/ways to detect securerom version?

14.05.2004, 15:10
Just recently I've made 4 ccd files from a Japanese game that I didn't know had securerom protections. After failing to load the game from demon tool 3.46 with all emulation enabled(unable to read disc in time), I found out from a game forum that it has the latest securerom installed.

I attempted to use the old method of mounting the image file on DT with RPMS and copy it with alc new 4.x/5.x datatype, and it didn't seem to help much either.

I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to this,
and any new tools to detect the securerom version for the games, since none of my detection software seems to work.

14.05.2004, 17:51
Go to http://www.aray-software.com for a protection scanner.

You should re-rip your images from the orignal cds with Alcohol. You cannot get a good image by mounting your ccd image and copying it.


15.05.2004, 03:34
made an .mds copy of it, now giving me "conflict with disc emulating software blah blah blah..." with DT

SecuROM is the protection
any help?

15.05.2004, 12:48
Perhaps it will run from a mounted image in Daemon-Tools with all emulation options turned off.
Do you have other software installed that may be the cause of the blacklist? i.e Alcohol 120%
If this version of SecuROM is blacklisting D-Tools I am confident that it will be remedied in the next release :)