View Full Version : Optiarc 7260S not working under Win7 with DTPro

26.04.2011, 20:39
Firstly, let me say I'm not sure this problem is anything to do with DTPro as I haven't tried uninstalling it yet.

That's my first question really. As I'm running a trial of DTPro, if I uninstall it, will I be able to reinstall it and use it for the remainder of the trial period.

As for the 7260S problem, it reads discs fine in XP but can't in Win7. I've already disabled the SPTD driver (DT keeps trying to reinstall it when I reboot, which I obviously deny) but I was wondering if there's anything else in DTPro that could be preventing the 7260S from reading properly?

If not, and you've got any other bright ideas as to what might be causing the problem, do please let me know :confused:

I'll attach some driver information I gathered from XP and Win7 in case anything springs out!

Drivers - cdrom.sys, imapi.sys, redbook.sys, storprop.dll
DTlite - SPTD v1.62 (only SCSI drive)
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller: atapi.sys, pciide.sys, pciidex.sys
AMD SMBus Driver for South Bridge v5.10.1000.8 installed

Drivers - cdrom.sys
DTPro v4.41.0314.0232 SPTD v1.78
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller: atapi.sys, ataport.sys, pciide.sys, pciidex.sys

Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.5.5.0

Upper Device Filter: [None Found]
Upper Class Filter: [None Found]
Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device
Lower Class Filter: [None Found]
Lower Device Filter: [None Found]

26.04.2011, 20:46
Which error do you get in Win 7? Is the drive still displayed in My Computer?

26.04.2011, 20:50
Yes the drive is still displayed and the disc and it's contents are visible, but it locks up Explorer if I try and access it, select a folder, etc, until I manually eject the disc, whereas in XP I can copy the contents to my HD and scan the disc with CD-DVD Speed just fine.

26.04.2011, 20:54
Please try to disable Explorer Namespace (Settings -> Integration -> Use Explorer Namespace extension). It is possible you have to reboot.
To ensure DT Pro isn't causing the issue you may try to uninstall the version, but somehow I guess you do have the Chip free version.

26.04.2011, 22:42
Sorry, I don't know what/where this Explorer Namespace is. Is it part of DT Pro? If so, I don't think I can load DT without letting it re-install the SPTD driver, which I'm trying to avoid for now.

What do you mean by Chip free version? Do you know if I'll be able to use the remainder of my free trial (about 18 days) if I re-install?

27.04.2011, 18:24
Well I've uninstalled DT Pro and also flashed my DVD drive again, just in case, but I still can't use my drive in Win7. This is quite bizzare (not to mention annoying!)

30.04.2011, 22:42
I've now tested the drive from within an XP Virtualbox on top of Win7, and that works fine.

I've also installed a fresh copy of Win7 into a VHD and running that, again there's no problem with the drive.

So there must be something installed in my real Win7 that's causing the problem. I've got the same problem on two different PCs though. The other one still has DT Lite installed.

Not saying it's anything to do with DT though, as I've completely uninstalled that from this PC as far as I can tell.

I guess I should install DT Pro on my VHD and see if that causes any problems.

30.04.2011, 23:27
OK, I'm quite satisfied that DT isn't the problem here. Even though I'd set it to not load via the registry, I just renamed sptd.sys to sptd.sys.old, so there's no chance it could load and I'm still having the same problem.

Hopefully I'll track down what's causing it, 'cos it's a right pain not being able to use my DVD drive, but it's clearly not DT.