View Full Version : cant change profile

28.04.2011, 08:44
im trying to back up some old games including cnc:tiberian sun but getting errors. ive read the profile needs to be set to safedisc to work but I cant change the profile because it is greyed out.

any suggestions or should i just ignore the errors and continue ?

28.04.2011, 09:01
I guess you are trying to create ISO image. ISO image format doesn't support profiles. You need to select MDX or MDS/MDF image format.

28.04.2011, 09:26

im a noob to this...

29.04.2011, 02:42
ok so I set the profile to safedisc but I still cannot make an image of tiberian sun or firestorm. I was able to image Red alert 2 Allied disc but not soviet disc or yuri's revenge which is weird..

any help would be greatly appreciated

29.04.2011, 05:32
What error do you get?