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11.05.2011, 17:37
need help im new to this kinda stuff i searched forums couldnt find anything really related to my problem. if this was discussed alrdy then im sorry for asking. my friend told me about this mounting tool so i decided ill give it a go and try adding a few new games to my pc while the PSN is down to fill my spare time. so basically what im trying to do is mount a game (to be exact an add on to a game i own) but when i go to mount the autoplay pops up like it should however i cant run the program. by cant run i mean the autoplay only allows me to create a cd using itunes, burn a cd by real, make a music cd by sonic recordnow, select media to transfer to cd, or do thing theres no autorun in the options how do i change my pc's autoplay to have run program as an option? i tried going under my computer and looking up the autoplay functions by drive and i cant find a way to add run program :/
my pc is running windows XP

13.05.2011, 14:31
Please browse the CD content in Windows Explorer.
Is there a autorun.inf file at all ?

btw. what's the name of the game/addon ?