View Full Version : Cant see virtual drives

19.05.2011, 19:03
I am currently using the latest version of daemon tools lite free version.

Everything worked fine before but I recently tried to add a virtual drive to mount an iso file. Its the new SCSI virtual drive thing.(as last time I tried it was just a virtual drive I believe)

At first it gave me the driver thing but then it stopped and when I told it to add a virtual drive it would pop up the window saying adding virtual drive.. then nothing. Under my device manager I can see 4 SCSI virtual devices in "other" but I can't see them to mount in documents etc. And at this point it says I have the mamimum amount of virtual drives.

Any help will be appreciated.

19.05.2011, 19:11
Do you see any yellow exclamation mark in device manager next to 4 virtual SCSI drives? If yes, try to let it install manually a driver.

19.05.2011, 19:25
No there is just a circle with a blue "?" in the middle next to it.