View Full Version : License problem with installation

22.05.2011, 01:50
i've had DT Pro Standard installed on an XP machine for just over a year. now need to install it on a new Windows 7 box but it is complaining about the license.

i revoked the instance installed on XP and tried to install v4.40.0311 as a new instance on Windows 7. after entering the serial number i get a dialog box that states, "Free upgrade period expired. Prolong free upgrades period to install this software version."

okay, so i understand that free upgrades were only for a year but i have had 4.40.0311 for over six months. i am not trying to install a version that was released after my free upgrades period expired. i have paid for this version. how could i possibly not be allowed to use it any more?!

please tell me how to fix this. thanks.

22.05.2011, 02:15
Please change your email address here in the forum to the one over at disc-soft.com, so we can check the account.

Also are you sure you downloaded the correct version?

24.05.2011, 00:20
i have changed my e-mail address.

yes, it is the correct version. i downloaded it through secure.disc-soft.com so it would only allow me access to the version i had paid for (Pro Standard).

and in terms of it being a version number that was released during the 12 months i had paid for, i am also sure. i saved the .exe locally and the date stamp on it is still 16th November 2010.

thanks for the help. :)

24.05.2011, 07:08
I just checked your license and it is valid up to version 4.36.0309.

License expired on 07-Jun-2010.

25.05.2011, 22:51
thanks Blazkowicz. that clears it up then!

my bad. i was sure i hadn't had it as long as that. and who knows why i was able to install and run 4.40 for all that time?

anyway, doesn't matter. i will cough up for a new license. thanks again for the help.