View Full Version : Image Mounts, nothing happens

24.05.2011, 06:49
I installed Daemon-lite, and Diablo 2 onto my boyfriend's computer everything worked fantastic. However, when I went to download Diablo 2 onto my computer I accidentally mounted the cinematics disc first, and when it auto-ran it told me to insert the play disc. When I went to mount the play disc, it will mount but the auto-run does NOT work. I have gone into the "explore" option through the drive, and attempted clicking on the setup, and install.exe files, neither works. It asks for the administrator okay, and then nada. It doesn't do anything at all. I have uninstalled Daemon-lite three times, and reinstalled. I have also upgraded when that option was given, still nothing works. How do I fix this problem??

If this was already addressed, I really do apologize.

24.05.2011, 07:05
How did you created that image?