View Full Version : Image name can't be longer then 16 characters.

28.05.2011, 23:22
I have contacted support about this.

I have saved an ISO image which has a long name. I can't seem to add anything, because when i rename it, only first 16 characters are being saved. The rest is just being cut.
What should i do?

This is the name i speak about
I can't seem to add anything after the "desktop-".

First the support told be, it's DT STANDART restriction, then after i answered that i am using PRO (Advanced), they told me "This restriction is not related to any software, it is standard restriction for disc label value.".

My answer was that i can create images with longer names using other software, and i mentioned the software i used to build the image i had to edit later.

Their reply was simple - "DAEMON Tools Pro does not support such features.".

So is the DT going to support longer names, or you will (maybe not) add it to the "wishlist" for future releases :D?

05.06.2011, 12:47
I think the question was not clear :D

I simply wanted to know why DT Image Editor does not support names longer then 16 characters. And will it support it?
The problem is, that i can't seem to make this name (http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/597/screen0000e.jpg) longer, but i can do it in other software.

05.06.2011, 13:46
According to the standards the max. character limitation in the volume name should be:

- ISO9660: 32
- Joilet: 16
- UDF: 63 (without Unicode support: 126)

Can't tell you if future versions will comply with those standards.

15.06.2011, 10:43
Can't tell you if future versions will comply with those standards.Can i suggest this? :D