View Full Version : Images keep ejecting after running their setup.exe's

01.06.2011, 18:13

i've used DT for years and quite resently i experienced, for the first time, a hick-up.

When booting an image and trying to run the setup, The setup would start up and after 2-3 seconds it would say something like: "Please insert disk" or "Disk not found"

When opening My Computer the drive would suddenly be empty. And in the DT Lite screen it would display a drive icon with the eject sign in front of it. This happens with every image I mount even though they had no problem in the past.

I tried alcohol 120% as well but it had the same problem so I uninstalled it again.

Ive searched around for a couple of hours but havnt had any succes.

Does anyone have a solution?



01.06.2011, 18:40
OS and DT version?
Where is the image located (local, network)?

03.06.2011, 17:52
Windows Vista Home Basic 32Bit. And DT Lite

I've formatted my PC in the meantime, installed XP (as a backup) and Vista and it still doesnt work.


Thanks for looking into this !!

12.06.2011, 19:35
Bump please.

The problem seems to be happening with images above a certain size.

Really strange..