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04.06.2011, 14:22
Hi Friends,

Running Win7 x64 SP1 and DT Pro Advanced v.4.41 with my Lifetime License (Paid). I've searched the forums for "explorer.exe" crashes via the "Search" function but it didn't find anything useful. Since installing DT, I've been getting Explorer hangs and all it says in the very useless Event Viewer is explorer.exe "AppHangB1", so I googled that and bunch of similiarly useless queries came back. Has anyone else heard of having these crashes while using the latest version of DT Pro?

Also, I did a seperate search through the forums for "vIDE" so I could try to find out what the benefits of using it exactly are...so far all I've found is that you don't need to "Cloak" that type of drive with YASU. Are there any other benefits to using vIDE? Are there any incompatibility concerns to be aware of or any "cons" to using vIDE?

Thank you in advance Friends

04.06.2011, 18:05
Try disabling Shell Extensions and NameSpace.

05.06.2011, 04:18
Thank you for getting back to me Blazkowicz, I've already disabled the shell extension, so I guess no one's heard of any other problems w/ DT and Win7 x64. It's probably something else anyways.

Anyone have any "pros and cons" for vIDE?

05.06.2011, 10:41
Did you also disable NameSpace?

In vIDE more protections works.

05.06.2011, 10:59
Hi Blazkowicz,

I found the following thread (posted in it too): http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/image-catalog-windows-explorer-27356/

Everything seems back to normal now. No more Explorer.exe, desktop, or Taskbar freezes. I'm certain this was the problem.

Thank you for this info and not giving up on me even when I was ready to!! Please let the possibly lazy devs know about this problem and that this has been happening for at least 2 versions now.

Seperate issue,

Why won't my name show that I'm a paying customer in the forums like many others? I've $146 for DT Pro Advanced Lifetime License...did I not do something that I was supposed to do?

05.06.2011, 12:58
They are aware of the issue.
Also set your customer tag now.

05.06.2011, 13:07
Thank you Blazkowicz, much appreciated.

06.06.2011, 04:10
Hi Blazkowicz,

Well, it doesn't happen as often now that I've disabled "Name Space", but while I was copying some files between explorer windows...it froze again. I conducted some thorough testing and found that I have to disable ALL integration in Win7 for it not to freeze anymore.

- 1 Explorer Window open
- Right click to copy 8GB folder
- Open a second Explorer window
- Browse to desired location
- Right click inside desired location = Instant freeze
- Never responds (waiting 10 minutes once), Forced terminate
- Event Viewer logs "explorer.exe" is has encountered "AppHangB1" error

Please let the devs know about this. It's so frustrating to do everything from the Agent in the system tray. Thank you again Blazkowicz.