View Full Version : Impossible to create any virtual drive...

09.06.2011, 18:31

I searched in your forums but couldn't find any answer to my problem, so here it is: when i install DT Lite, it requires reboot; then after, when i click on "add a virtual SCSI drive", a window pops up showing the "update" and then nothing works: a warning appears in the task panel with "an error occured during the installation of the peripheral" ... :/ I tried to reboot, uninstall/reinstall, unabling SPTD.SYS ... Any clue??

Thanks in advance,


10.06.2011, 09:40
Please specify your OS and DAEMON Tools version.
Do you use any security software?

12.06.2011, 00:09
I'm using Win XP Pro SP3; Antivir and that's all... Well i've had a lot of DT installed on this computer but i can't get why it doesn't work anymore. Oh and i've got a DVD player which is unplugged from the mb but still active.

Thanks for your time