View Full Version : windows embedded help needed

19.05.2004, 23:45
Operating System: windows xp embedded
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

hello and thanks for reading this...
i want to install dt with wxpe (windows xp embedded).
i can install it using msi but adding msi to my images bloats it since msi requires so many other compenents that require more components....
so is there a way to install it with msi.
i could try to monitor the registry and files changes but there has to be a more reliable method.

thanks so much,

20.05.2004, 02:17
You MUST use msi method to install dtools.

21.05.2004, 21:45
thanks for taking the time to respond.
MUST is astrong word.
perhaps i could use sysprep to capture all the changes...
perhaps i could monitor the registry and file system for all changes.

do you think any of the above options could work.

perhaps you give some insights as you why i must use msi.
what in partiicular needs msi.
thanks again,

21.05.2004, 22:18
Installer does not use "simple" file/copy method. It uses many dynamically created files and settings. You can try using filemon/regmon; it might work, but I have my doubts.

My can't you use msi? Redist. is 1-2 mb, so I don't understand this bloat.

21.05.2004, 22:24
it is not the bloat from your ..msi.
the problem is the the point of wxpe is to build as a small a image as possible.
it turns out installing msi intstaller requires a lot of file and those file
requires more files and ......