View Full Version : Installing from DT Lite uses too much ram

14.06.2011, 14:36
When installing something from an image the ram slowly fills up. Even after the installation is finished the ram remains used. Only after unmounting the image the ram is freed.

18.06.2011, 13:59
You've double checked it's Daemon Tools that's using the RAM ?
It happens with every image ?

Which DT version, which OS ?

18.06.2011, 19:22
No, the memory is just gone no application is using it. But when I unmount the image the ram comes back to normal. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and DT Lite 4.40.2

26.07.2011, 13:25
This is my exact experience also.
I use DT Lite, latest version on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit with 4GB RAM.
If a mount a blu-ray iso in DT Lite and play it through Power-DVD, it will steadily consume all of my RAM in about 30 min of viewing.
ONLY when I unmount the iso in DT Lite, the RAM is freed.

How can this RAM cache be regulated? I don't find any options in DT Lite to do this.


26.07.2011, 22:01
same here using win 7 x64 ultimate
seems that daemontools allocates this amount of memory, but doesnt use it. when i try to read from the image in the virtual drive. it reads from the HDD where its at, and not from the ram. so its wasting huge amounts of ram. i have 7,2 gb used when using a 6 gb image so WTF?!?! i want to play games when having images mounted! and i dont want to unmount them everytime! it works on x86 system without that shit, cause it cant allocate that much memory. so why does it to that on x64 and why doesnt it even use it??
developers u mad?

27.07.2011, 09:09
Hi all!

Please specify Advanced Emulation option state (enabled/disabled). Did you note any difference in using this option?
Also specify where the image file is stored (local HDD, network share, etc)

27.07.2011, 15:46
ok it seems that all read data is using ram. so like the setup starts reading a huge file and copies it to the hdd its all added to the ramusage. im not using advanced emulation, and the images are stored on an external hdd
after mounting another image the ram is freed again.

27.07.2011, 21:55
The meaningful indicator is Virtual Memory Size of process. General memory usage may include file caches and OS is free to keep file data read in silesystem cache if it has plenty of RAM unused. As soon as some application will require memory to be allocated those caches will be [partially] dropped and RAM will be reused for applications that need it.

27.07.2011, 22:03
i know that fact. and yeah its not visible in the taskmanager in that coloumn (i dont know the english name of it, but its the amount of memory which is used by this process and cant be used by others). so it seems that its used by the driver of the virtual drive? cause i dont think the system does it. cause how should it know when i unmount the image? so yeah the last possibility is the driver(for me)

28.07.2011, 13:22
Hmmm... I'm unable to reproduce this issue.
Mounted 8GB image (which contains one big file) from USB hdd to DT device.
Copied the file from the virtual dvd drive several times and nothing.

I've used Process Explorer tool to monitor memory usage.
Could you please run Process Explorer and then open menu View and click "System Information" menu item.
Then reproduce the problem and send us screenshot of that "System Information" window.

28.07.2011, 17:04
ok here is the image
http://www.imageshost.de/img/png/TH_81205d832900d7beb64feba02b17ada7.png (http://www.imageshost.de/bilder.php?id=81205d832900d7beb64feba02b17ada7)
1:i clicked install in the setup
2:setup finished installing
3:unmounted image >> immediate freeing of ram

i watched the processwindow. none of the processes used more than 1 gb ram.
my system has 8 gb.
i dont know if this happens if u have not enough ram for storing the image. i had 6,8 gb max in this test.
and i installed this on a virtual machine using the drive of daemon tools on the real system. but i saw the same effect while installing the same game from that image on the host system here.
another thing i want to mention: if i increase the ram of my virtual machine its shown in the used memory thing too, but not in the processes. i dont know where the vm uses that memory, but yeah its possible to use memory without showing it in the taskmanager (also its possible to hide processes like the game rappelz does it. if it crashes you cant kill the process lol)
so yeah maybe try a smaller image which fits in the free ram (a CD is enough, you just have to recognize the difference in the used memory)
i could do another test with a game which installs 3 cds in 2 minutes. reading 2 gb of data. so i have 3 spikes maybe. but maybe this info here is enough for now

when copying the data the same effect appears, but somehow i couldnt unmount the image after that(telling me "unmounting the image" for minutes). so i terminated dtlite.exe and poof the ram was freed again. so maybe its the same method which the vm uses to aquire the memory but u cant see it

28.07.2011, 17:47
System Commit is the total amount of memory allocated in the system. And from your graphs it is clear that it stays at constant rate. Physical memory consumption must be caused exactly by filesystem caches as I was mentioning before. When you unmount the image the volume disappears and system discards all the caches for it - that's why Physical Memory usage drops.
In any case Physical Memory is the resource completely managed by OS and the only question of interest for the end user should be if it often happens that Commit Charge (same as System Commit, same as Virtual Memory) grows more than factor 1.5-2.0 of Physical Memory (total of it! - not just free amount). In those cases heavy swapping is likely to begin and system performance may degrade noticeably.