View Full Version : daemon tools v4.40 takes ages to configurate

15.06.2011, 19:10
i downloaden daemon tools lite, the latest version thought it was v4.40,
well i get the installation icon, and klik on it
everything goes normal but when i need to chose to free or paid, thats were the problem comes
if i chose paid, it inmediatly asks for a serial number,
but i want to try the free version first since my first time i ever downloaded dt.
but if i chose free, it takes ages and i mean ages to configurate it says ;
setup is configurating components list. it can take some time.
please wait.,

well, fi waited 10mins nothing, then i strarted it over agan
took a long time so i watched thor, so 1,5our further and there still nothing changed

please helpo???

16.06.2011, 16:52
This problem will be fixed in the next version. Till then you can install DTLite with disabled network connection.