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07.07.2011, 19:04
I've been using the free version for a while now and I'm looking into buying the Pro version. I usually use it to mount games I play without the CD so I don't have to keep track of a bunch of CDs. The games require the advanced emulation such as SecuROM or SafeDisc. Is there a way to set each image in the Image Catalog so I don't have to manually change it every time? Also I tried out the trial version of Pro and if I do have to change it manually I can't just right click on the tray icon like I can with lite.

If anyone could answer these questions for me that would be great. If I can get these figured out I'll be buying the program.

07.07.2011, 19:16
Emulation options are only for burned media.
Advanced Emulation is the usage of SPTD.

07.07.2011, 19:19
Yep, found that in the help page... Sorry about the post then just as I found the help page you answered my post. Thank you. I think I had the issue because I was using Lite to rip and then Pro to mount it.

Is there any different between the Pro and Standard version besides how many discs you can emulate at once?
I see that Pro has the Image Converter and more virtual drive options including IDE.
Whats the difference between IDE and SCSI and when would you need IDE? I've read that some cd-roms will only use IDE is this true?

Thanks again.

26.07.2011, 05:23
honest speaking, I do not think it is necessary to buy the program.